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The Benefits of Hiring Cross Country Moving Services
08-10-2022 | Armbruster

The Benefits of Hiring Cross Country Moving Services

There are many moving pieces when planning a cross country move, and it can be incredibly stressful, especially for those relocating for the first time. The packing alone is already highly time-consuming and could eat into your busy schedule. Plus, the transportation and expenses need to be also considered.  The best way to make your move as smooth-sailing as possible is to enlist the help of moving professionals, particularly those specializing in long-distance moves.  By the end of this article, you'll know all the benefits of hiring a professional moving company to help you with your relocation. Plus, we will give you tips on finding the right team and ways to cut down your moving costs.

Reliable Services

Moving companies have the necessary experience of relocating their clients cross country. The professionals working for them are trained, licensed and insured, allowing you to have a seamless experience. In addition, movers are used to heavy lifting, which means you can save yourself from potential injuries you may sustain from transporting furniture on your own. 

Reduce Stress

Cross country moving services take care of everything that has to do with your move. They can pack, transport and unload your belongings so you won't have to.  Packing is usually the most stressful part of transferring to a new house. You have to buy the right size and amount of moving boxes to get your items in order. Packages are priced at $1-2 each, depending on the size, but the costs can quickly add up if you're not careful. If you live in a studio and don't own many things, you can expect to spend $35-50 on moving boxes alone. Of course, the more belongings you have, the more you will pay. But when you partner with a moving company, you won't have to worry about boxes and other packing supplies. Instead, these materials will be provided by your chosen moving partner. 

Added Protection

One of the biggest concerns for long-distance relocation is the safety of transported goods. When you move on your own, the responsibility of keeping your items and goods secure falls directly on your shoulders. This is a challenge for those don’t have the know-how and tools for safe and secure packaging. Many things can happen on the road, so it's best not to take any risks and partner with a moving company. Professional movers know how to keep your valuables safe. They know strategic packing techniques and have the appropriate paddings to keep them from being damaged in transit. Plus, cross country moving services offer different levels of insurance so that you can get the level of protection suited to your liking. 

Guaranteed Delivery Date

Arriving at your new place before your belongings can be such a headache. You'll have to wait to be reunited with your things, causing unnecessary hassle. Most moving companies provide a guaranteed delivery date to ensure that you and your items arrive at your destination simultaneously. Some professional movers also provide a storage service which is an option if your possessions show up before you get there.

Peace of Mind

You could attempt to DIY your move, but things could get stressful fast. Packing your things eats up a lot of time, and navigating small and unfamiliar spaces using a rental moving truck will be a pain. Don't make your move harder than it already is. Partner with a professional so you can rest easy, knowing your belongings will get to your new home in one piece. In addition, moving companies usually track their cross country moves to guarantee security.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hiring cross country moving services does mean spending money, a common deterrent for relocators. Why spend money when I can do this all by myself?  But when you factor in all the expenses of moving on your own versus hiring a moving company, you'll find out that the DIY route has a higher price tag. Like we said before, the packing materials such as boxes, tapes and labels can significantly contribute to the overall cost of your move.  Every expense is laid out for you to examine with a moving partner to ensure nothing is overlooked. Hiring a moving company is the most cost-effective way to get you settled in at your new place with as little stress and hassle as possible.

Allows You To Focus on Other Matters

Leaving the details of your move in capable hands allows you to focus on other important things. Whether it's spending quality time with friends and family, visiting your favorite spots for the last time or sorting things out at work, it’s more achievable considering you won’t be doing the heavy lifting.

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Your moving experience is so much easier when you hire a moving company. But how do you do that exactly? With a quick search online, you'll already find numerous businesses offering their services and claiming to be the best at what they do.  You have to be careful when choosing a mover. There are plenty of legitimate companies out there, but some will try to rip you off. There are cases when a company would offer a blank contract for the client, claiming that they will add in the terms after the document is signed. This is a scam, and steer clear of companies practicing this. Another common trick that fraudsters use is to offer low estimates. They will charge low prices to secure moving jobs but will raise the costs once they have the client's belongings in hand.  Ensure that you are hiring a legitimate company by following these tips:

Gather Personal Recommendations

Ask around in your network if they can recommend a good moving company. Their opinions are based on their previous experiences, allowing you to understand how the moving service provider operates. Gather as many names as you can.

Do Research

The research stage allows you to narrow down your initial list of moving companies. Next, search for the business online and read through their website or social media profiles. A reputable company nowadays must have some form of an online presence. So if you can't search for them online, they're not the top options. Also, be sure to inspect the reviews and testimonials about their services. Customer feedback is the best way to know if the company truly lives up to its promises.

Ask Questions

Finally, don't hesitate to ask questions. Ask the moving company about their licenses, insurance and policies. Inspect the estimate and point out anything you are confused about. A reputable organization will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you throw at them since they have nothing to hide. The following are some questions to consider:
  • How do I contact you and the driver during the move?
  • Do you subcontract your moves? 
  • Will my items be transferred to another party along the way?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy? If so, what are the terms?
  • What are your policies on specialty items?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Simple Ways To Cut Down Moving Costs

Hiring a professional mover is a cost-effective solution. But, if you are still looking for ways to cut down on expenses, here are some things you can do:
  • Get as many boxes as you can. You can find potential free packages on Craigslist, Freecycle, Nextdoor, U-Haul Box Exchange, local liquor stores, groceries, schools and offices.
  • Choose a mid-week and mid-month date to move. These are off-peak days, and companies often offer discounted rates during this time.
  • You can deduct your moving expenses from your taxes if you are moving because of work.
  • Only keep the things you are still using and sell those you don't. Having fewer things makes packing easier. Plus, it's an excellent way to earn extra bucks. 

Armbruster Moving & Storage Is a Company You Can Trust

Armbruster Moving & Storage is a company that is willing to go the extra mile to give you the best moving experience. We make long-distance relocations look easy! No matter the size of your move, we can provide for your needs. Our move coordinator will provide clear guidance on the moving services suitable for your requirements during the initial consultation. Next, we conduct a comprehensive survey at a time that fits your schedule. A representative will visit your home to provide an assessment of your belongings. This examination allows us to take steps to guarantee the safety of your things. Finally, our uniformed team will pack, load and deliver your possessions to your destination. Our work doesn't end until you are 100 percent satisfied with the outcome. Before leaving, the crew confirms inventory and condition with you to ensure that everything is accounted for.   Book a move today by calling us at (330) 220-6400 or filling out our website form
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