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Pre-Packing Checklist
08-08-2018 | Armbruster

Pre-Packing Checklist

Get a Head Start on Your Move

If you’re a planner and are preparing to move, you’re in the right place. Our essential checklists for moving are informed by decades of moving experience. 1)    Stock up on packing supplies We recommend ordering your supplies six weeks before your move, well in advance. You don’t want to run out of supplies on the day of your move. You will need boxes in different sizes, packing materials, tape and specialty packaging. Learn more about moving supply options here.   2)    Start packing early The sooner you start, the better your move day will go, and the less stressed you will be.   3)    Lighten your load Whatever you can donate, sell or give away, do so before your move. De-cluttering will simplify your move and save you money.   4)    Make schedules and lists The best way to tackle a move is by using a checklist. Our checklists give you a head start on a daunting task. Print them out and customize them based on your needs. Organize items by date and cross them off as you go. You should make a list of utilities at your current and new home. Cross off each one as you arrange and confirm end-of-service or start-of-service dates and billing. Record the name of any representative you speak with and the date you contact them. Make a list of other recurring bills that come by mail, which may include loans, credit cards, cell phones and mortgages. For these, you should be able to simply fill in an updated address immediately before or after your move when you pay your monthly bill. Be sure to keep tabs on these accounts in case any bills slip through the cracks during a move. When you are sure the account is updated correctly, cross it off your list. 5)    Plan your move mid-week, if possible Moving during the workweek gives you an advantage for setting up services with banks, utilities and government offices, should you need any immediate assistance. Move on a Saturday and you may have to wait until Monday to get resolution for an unexpected problem.   6)    Make arrangements for your pets Your furry family members may need special accommodations in a move. Will you need to leave them with a friend until you are settled in? Temporarily board them somewhere? Arrange for them to fly? Figure these details out as soon as you can, to avoid getting stuck in a pinch.   7)    Pre-plan for moving valuables If you have antiques, wine collections, or other high-value property, special considerations should be made to handle those items with the extra care and protection they need. Your Mayflower agent can help you make the appropriate arrangements. Are you having Mayflower do your packing? Items that may not be priceless to anyone but you (such as important documents, keepsakes, jewelry, photos and family heirlooms) should be set aside for safekeeping and kept with you, if that makes you feel more comfortable.   8)    The prescription is: pre-plan your move Don’t neglect prescription medications in the course of your move planning. Transfer prescriptions ahead of your move. Confirm your health insurance will cover you and your prescriptions in your new hometown. Be sure that you and your family have enough medication to cover you throughout your move, until you are settled.
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