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How Technology Makes Your Move Easier
03-12-2020 | Armbruster

How Technology Makes Your Move Easier

Every facet of modern life has been impacted by technology. Moving is no different. If you’re planning a move, technology can take some of the pressure off this extremely stressful time.

Virtual Surveys for Moving Quotes

Let’s say you want to compare quotes for moving companies. You probably want to get quotes from at least three different companies. Before the advent of virtual surveys, you’d have to schedule movers to come to your house. They’d walk into every room, and open all of your cabinets and closets. If it’s rainy or snowy or muddy, you could have quite a mess to clean up afterwards. Three quotes, three messes.

With virtual surveys, the mover sends you a text message with a link and you connect at your scheduled time. During the survey, you walk around the house (in your socks), and you open and close the cabinets and closets. Most people find this a much less invasive experience than in-person estimates. Virtual surveys also offer more flexibility for scheduling. It’s usually easier to schedule appointments before or after typical work hours so you won’t have to take time off of work.

Virtual surveys also allow you to have a video record of your belongings in case you ever need to file a damaged goods report.

Digital Inventory

Another way technology helps when you are moving is through digital inventories.

When inventories were done on paper, a large move would have several pages listing all your belongings. You would need to read through and sign each page before the truck left and then keep track of those documents until your move was complete. This could be a time-consuming task on a day that is already jam-packed with things to do and remember.

With digital inventories, the moving company prepares sticky labels with bar codes for every item and box that needs to be moved. The labels are printed and stuck on each item. As each item is loaded onto the moving truck, it is scanned into a digital document. Before the truck leaves, you view the inventory on a digital device, sign it, and receive an email of the inventory immediately. You have a record of your stuff without having to keep track of a stack of papers en route to your new home.

Tracking the Moving Truck

Another tech tool that makes moving a little less stressful is the ability to track the moving truck. It’s as easy as logging on to the company website. From your login account, you can see the exact location of the moving truck. You can also receive updated ETAs through your account or via text.

Customers report a sense of security in knowing they can keep a virtual eye on their things while they themselves are in transit. This is especially true for long, interstate moves when people are sometimes not arriving at their destination at the same as their movers.

100% Paperless Moves

Depending on your moving needs, you may be able to complete your whole moving process without needing paper records at all.

Let’s say you are starting your move. Here is one scenario of a completely digital move:

  1. You go to a moving company’s website and schedule a virtual tour.
    Repeat with one or two other companies.
    Carry out virtual tours with each company.
    Within a week of each tour you’ll receive an email with a quote from each of the companies. (Some companies do this within a day or two).
    Compare quotes---looking at transportation fees, type of contract, valuation of belongings, etc.
    Once you chose a mover you can schedule the dates for packing and moving online.
    If you have the moving company manage other aspects of your move, all the scheduling can be done online.
    Inventory labels are made and attached to boxes, furniture and other items.
    On the day of the move, inventory labels are scanned as items are moved. Sign inventory sheet online.
    Track the moving truck during transit.
    Meet movers at your new place at the scheduled time.
    Items are scanned as they are moved into your home
    Once the move is complete, you make a digital payment.
    All documents pertaining to your move are digitally stored for future reference.

Not every move will follow this exact plan. You may prefer to get a quote from an in-person visit instead of a virtual tour. Or maybe you have specific questions and would rather talk to a rep about scheduling different aspects of your move. If you’re tech-savvy, a digital native, or just want to save some time, though, there are plenty of ways technology can make your move easier.

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