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Moving In The Summer – Tips & What To Know
05-21-2020 | Armbruster

Moving In The Summer – Tips & What To Know

Timing is everything, they say, and moving is no different. As it happens, May through September is considered peak season for moving, with June, July, and August being the busiest. There’s a good chance your own move will be scheduled during those times. If so, you’ll need to know a few tricks to make your move as smooth as possible. People Move More During Spring and Summer May through September is prime time for moving for a number of reasons.
  • People with school-age children try to time their moves so that they’re not moving in the middle of the school year.
  • Colleges start and end during these months.
  • People try to avoid moving when there might be snow and temperatures are freezing.
  • Muddy weather at the end of winter isn’t too appealing either.
In other words, if you are hoping to move during the sunnier months, you’re going to have a lot of company! Moving During Peak Season is More Expensive Moving during peak season is more expensive, due to supply and demand. A lot of moving companies are booked solid during peak season and charge ‘peak season’ fees, so be prepared to lay out more cash than at other times of the year. You’ll want to factor in those costs when planning your move. In general, the beginning of the month and the end of the month are the busiest moving days. Because so many housing rentals begin their leases on the first of the month, those days are jam-packed. The weekends are, of course, busier than weekdays. If you need to move on these days, it’s best to book your move as early as possible. Holiday weekends are peak times for moving as well. Everyone is looking to have an extra day to unpack and settle in. If you have to move during Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend, you may incur a holiday surcharge. Peak Season Moves are Less Convenient When it comes to moving during peak season, you’ll find a few inconveniences, especially if you don’t plan ahead. In the summer, the transit spread is longer, meaning it may take days longer to receive your items once you’re in your new home. Moving into a house with no furniture isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Moving companies only have so many drivers and so much space on their trucks. Once their trucks are full for the day, that day is sold out, sort of like airplane seats filling up. Save yourself the hassle of chasing down availability and book your dates early. You’ll be more likely to find availability with the moving company you want, and less likely to settle for who’s available. Plan Ahead With all of these factors to consider, the earlier you can set your moving plans in motion, the better off you’ll be. Take advantage of moving calendars that plot out what you need to do in the weeks ahead of your move. Think about what kind of help you’ll need. Will you need help with packing boxes? Junk removal? Managing the move? Will all of your furniture fit in your new place? Make a plan for decluttering your home before the move. It’s much easier to move into a new home when you’ve weeded out the stuff you don’t need or want any more. If you get rid of a lot of stuff beforehand, you may even save money. Doing your own packing?  Get plenty of packing materials before you start. Once you get in the flow of a good packing session, you don’t want to leave to pick up more packing tape. If you’re buying or selling your home, think about your closing dates. This may be a long shot, as there are many parties involved, but see if you can maneuver closing dates to avoid the busiest days of the month. Finally, get your quotes from moving companies. Schedule your home surveys as soon as possible. You’ll find lots of flexibility in scheduling, especially if you do them early. Once you decide on a moving company, lock in the dates you want. Otherwise, those dates may be gone in a few days (or a few hours). You may not be able to control when you move. With a little planning, you can make even the busiest moving season a little bit easier.  
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