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Things To Know When Moving Interstate
11-09-2022 | Armbruster

Things To Know When Moving Interstate

Things To Know When Moving Interstate

Moving across state lines is more complex than moving within the same city or state. The moving process demands more time and effort. Without preparation, obstacles could come as a surprise to you and your family. Having said that, you are probably aware of the basics of moving, such as packing tips to make moving day more convenient. However, when you are in the middle of a big interstate move, it’s natural to become overwhelmed. Below, here's an interstate moving guide because you can never get enough help and reminders of the essentials.

#1 Interstate Moving Costs

It is no secret that moving is costly. Although there are several ways to cut costs, such as repurposing old boxes, an interstate move will unavoidably cost more than a local one. Here are what you need to consider when it comes to costs:
  • Insurance. With a long journey ahead of you, you want to safeguard yourself and your possessions by securing insurance. Some interstate moving company covers insurance, so be sure to ask.
  • Interstate moving company. Movers can literally do all the heavy lifting for you during your big move, from packing to transporting and unloading. Depending on your needs and wants, an interstate moving company could be flexible.
  • Storage. In an interstate move, storage isn't optional. Packing all your belongings, including appliances and furniture, then getting them into your new home in one day is impossible. You need to secure them elsewhere during the time between your move-out and move-in.
  • Temporary accommodation. This can be optional if you can settle into your new home while waiting for your belongings to arrive.
  • Food. It would be best if you cleared your pantry and fridge before you moved. Hence you may need to eat out more frequently before and after your interstate move.
  • Utilities. You may need to pay all your utility providers a disconnection or termination fee.

#2 Interstate Moving Due Diligence

To make your move as smooth as possible, you'll need to take care of some vital tasks. So before your interstate relocation, make sure to work out the following details:
  • Transfer your driver's license. Be prepared to have to transfer your license. In select states, you have 90 days to apply for a new driver's license after migrating. So ideally, you want to start the process before relocation to avoid stressing about the deadline.
  • Update your car registration. You might need to re-register your car at your new address, just like you would with your driver's license.
  • Switch banks. If your bank is a local company, you might be required to open a new bank account in your new state. Before you leave, explore your options.
  • Enroll your children in school. Before moving interstate, you'll probably need to get a transfer certificate and gather additional data regarding your child's academic progress. Contact their new school to learn more about the transfer procedure.
  • Don't forget your pets. Moving can be much more complicated when you have pets, especially when moving by plane. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the airline's policy and secure any paperwork needed for your beloved pets.
  • Update your documents. Take the time to review all your documents and identify those you need to update concerning your new address.

#3 Interstate Moving Challenges

While preparation can limit issues, there are factors out of your control that you need to take into consideration. 
  • Weather conditions. You need to consider the distance when moving across state lines. When you are moving to a neighboring state or across multiple states, there will be a shift in the weather conditions. As such, you want movers who are prepared to operate safely in whatever circumstances. 
  • Tight schedule. You are packed with meetings during a move, from your arrangement with the interstate moving company to final doctor's appointments. It can be hectic and tricky to keep up. Especially if you throw in a little hiccup in the mix, try to account for the unexpected when managing your schedule.
  • Prices. While we have already tackled some significant aspects of the cost of an interstate move, be reminded that fees can also become a challenge. Just like with your schedule, secure a cushion in your moving budget in case something happens.

#4 Interstate Moving Company: Armbruster Moving

The best way to approach interstate moving is to partner with an experienced interstate moving company. Since they will know all the details of interstate moving, you will benefit from the movers' years of experience. However, you must do your part and make sure you're hiring a reliable interstate moving company. You want a moving partner to give you an honest, in-person estimate, ready to do all the heavy lifting and cover insurance and storage — just like Armbruster Moving. Armbruster Moving is an acclaimed team of professional movers registered with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We are ready to go the extra mile to make your move as convenient as possible. If you’re ready to make the smart move with us, reach out or call (330) 220-6400.
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