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Cities in Medina County: Everything You Need to Know
06-21-2024 | Armbruster

Cities in Medina County: Everything You Need to Know

Medina County is a beautiful area in the northeast of Ohio. Established in 1812, this county has many charming and wonderful cities that offer numerous opportunities for everyone.

The good thing about all these cities is that each has its vibe, so you will see something new every time you change the place. So if you’re planning a visit, here are the main cities in Medina County, with insights about the key aspects of each city!

Overview of Medina County

Medina County is situated away in the northeast part of Ohio and is known for the charm of a bygone era.

This nearly 200-year-old county is a perfect mixture of laid-back small towns and busy big cities, which creates a unique vibe.

It has a diverse economy with a budding place and large-scale industries in different sectors, including healthcare, engineering and manufacturing, education, and retail.

Not just that, Medina County is also known for supporting small-scale and independent businesses, including local cafes, boutiques, and standalone services!

Location and Geography

Before you start to ask ‘Is Medina Ohio a good place to live’, let’s understand the geographical features of this area.

It covers a wide area of 423 square miles and has diverse terrain comprising different landscapes, including vast parks, rough and rolling hills, and farmlands.

Population and Demographics

According to the official census, the population of Medina County is approximately 180000. Residents come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are a mix of professionals and retirees.

The city of Medina is itself the largest city and county seat of this region.

Cities in Medina County


Medina, being the county seat and the largest city in this region, continues a rich legacy since its foundation in 1818.

The city still carries its 19th-century architecture with pride while embracing contemporary styles. If you like to spend time with your loved ones, Buckeye Woods Park can be a spot for you.

This beautiful park with a scenic lake is popular among families for its picnic grounds, public pool, playgrounds, sports fields, and futuristic trails. The Castle Noel is another great entertainment spot, which has become a buzzing place during the holidays.

The Root Candles Factory and Store is also worth visiting if you like collecting souvenirs.

To satisfy your taste buds, you can visit the Cool Beans Café for its exquisite collection of bakeries and the Kave Coffee bar for artisanal coffee.
You will also love the community spirit of this old city, which offers a family-friendly environment, wonderful schools, and career prospects.


Next comes Brunswick, which is the second-largest town in this county. It is a small busy city with a strong farming history of apple orchards since its establishment in 1815.

Brunswick is known for its shopping hub, the Town center, which features a wide range of shops to cater to the residents.

Tourists and locals visit the Maple Side Farms during the apple season and you can also enjoy the corn maze tournament and seasonal festivals to get a new experience.

Besides that, the Susan Hambley Nature Centre is another popular attraction with its educational tours, peaceful nature trails, and popular sports among nature lovers.

You can also visit Brunswick Lake Park, which offers scopes for fishing, picnics, a splash pad for kids, and enjoying a leisurely walk.

If you are a book reader, make sure to visit the Medina County District Library, which offers books and multiple educational programs for people of various age groups.

For some fun, the Scene75 entertainment center can be a good spot to enjoy arcade games or take rides in indoor go-karts! This small town fosters a lively and familiar vibe where everyone comes together and enjoys everything from the summer festival to the annual farmers market together as a family.


Wadsworth is an industrial town established in 1814 and named after General Elijah Wadsworth. To enjoy the cultural vibe of this town, you can attend music concerts and other events at the historic O.J.

Work Auditorium. People also come here to witness the Blue Tip Festival, which celebrates the town’s match-making industry heritage by hosting colorful and vibrant parties, carnivals, and fireworks.

Wadsworth also offers scope for swimming or sports sessions at Memorial Park. If you like peace, you can take a casual stroll or a hike at Silver Creek Metro Park. For those who have a sweet tooth, the decades-old local brand Ann’s Pastry Shop is a recommended place.

The city also welcomes everyone with open arms, and you can raise a family here with the world-class education system and a friendly neighborhood with loads of opportunities.


Do you know that Lodi is the oldest settlement in this county, established in 1811? This small town has a unique shopping center, Lodi Station Outlets, which has a train-themed décor and many options to choose from.

To make your afternoons memorable, you can enjoy activities like leisurely picnics with families or friends, fishing, walking, or simply enjoying nature at the Lodi Community Park and the Letha House Park.

This village has a rich history of engineering and rail industry, which makes it another unique spot for visitors. If you are a history lover, you must visit here to check out the vintage locomotives and other historic rail-related exhibitions.

The Village Inn Café and the Lodi Dive-in restaurant are two classic places to grab some hearty and diner-style breakfast and lunch, while the Lodi Coffee Shop offers a somewhat contemporary café culture.

Lodi town also hosts festivals like Lodi Sweet Corn Festival and other events and enjoys a laid-back yet active lifestyle as a large family with a welcoming spirit. So, if you are looking for a place to call home, Lodi can be your ideal destination.


Like many other cities in Medina County, Seville has existed since 1828 and offers unique attractions and experiences.

The main attraction is the Northern Ohio County Railway Museum, which is a must-visit for anyone who loves railways. If you are an antique buff, make sure to visit the Seville Antique Mall to check out the vintage collectibles.

Seville Family Restaurant is a renowned name for getting some American diner-style breakfast. If you love pizzas, you must get the pizzas of Pizzazio and the homemade artisanal pies of Granny’s Diner.

To take a break from the hectic schedule, you can visit Hubbard Valley Park or Leohr Park. Like many other small cities, Seville also thrives together, and citizens enjoy their lives to the fullest.

You will see children going to school and neighbors enjoying their time together while everything goes on peacefully.


The last mention in the list of popular cities in Medina County is Rittman. An agricultural town, Rittman has attractions that reflect its core values.

You can enjoy the local produce and family events at the Rittman Orchards and Farm Market. Another unique spot that offers a memorable experience is The Huffman House Bed & Breakfast, which has Victorian-era architecture and a classic vintage feeling, along with warm hospitality.

If you want to get fresh stuff, you must visit the Rittman Orchards Café as they offer locally produced delicious snacks and baked goodies, which will surely satisfy your taste buds.

From hiking trails and picnic spots of the Silver Creek Metro Park and the sports fields of Rittman Recreation Center- there are ample scopes for outdoor activities. And if you get tired after your outdoor activities, you can savor homemade pastries and artisanal coffee at the Old Forge Café.

This small town also has a library, Rittman Branch Library, where you can check out books and journals and enjoy other community cultural programs. Needless to say, Rittman is the perfect example of a good old small town with heritage schools and a back yet friendly spirit!


So, these are the top cities in Medina County that can offer you a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle with many memorable moments.

Each town here is unique and has its charm. While Medina offers a historic yet contemporary city vibe, Wadsworth, Lodi, and Seville offer an industrial town environment. If you love small towns, you can call Brunswick, Rittman your home!

So, whether you are a professional and family man or a young couple who wants to look forward to moving to a new location or a retiree, do not hesitate to contact our moving company.

These towns will always offer a safe place for you to lead your life as you want to!

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