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When Full-Service Container Moving Is Better Than DIY Moving Pods
04-13-2020 | Armbruster

When Full-Service Container Moving Is Better Than DIY Moving Pods

Do you have an interstate move coming up?  Are you moving from a smaller home, condo, or apartment?  Then you may want to learn about a growing trend in moving---container moving.

What is Container Moving?

There are two categories of container moving: full-service container moves and do-it-yourself container moves, called moving pods.

Both types of container moving use large shipping containers and freight trucks (think eighteen-wheelers) to get your belongings from your current home to your new one. Containers come in a range of sizes. A typical container would measure 7’ x 8’ x 9’.

Container moving is becoming popular because it offers more flexibility in scheduling your move and can give you a cheaper option for storage if you need it.

What’s the Difference Between Full-Service and DIY Container Moves?

For a strictly do-it-yourself container move, you have a container delivered to your home by a moving container company. Then, you load your furniture and belongings onto the crate during a set period of time, depending on your needs. For some, being able to spread out the work of packing over a period of time is an attractive option.

When you’re done loading up, the moving company collects your container. The company either delivers it to your new home or keeps it in storage for you until you’re ready for it to be delivered.

As we all know, do-it-yourself options for anything can save you cash. They are also the most labor-intensive. In the case of moving, DIY can turn into injury and loads of extra stress.

Full-service container moves mean that the company loads the container for you. Your belongings get packed directly from your home into the container on the truck.

The advantages of full-service versus DIY container moving are:

  1. you don’t have to do the back-breaking labor of hauling boxes and furniture
  2. you don’t need a place to house a storage pod outside your house
  3. you’ll have less stress
  4. your belongings will be professionally loaded into the container, meaning less chance of damage
  5. your belongings will be covered if there is any damage

Why are Container Moves a Better Option for Small, Interstate Moves?

Container moves are more convenient and less expensive than traditional moves.

With a regular, non-container move, your local mover loads their truck up with your belongings and drives the truck for hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles to your new place.

Because that ties up one of their trucks for the duration of your move, you have to time everything according to the moving company’s schedule. You also need to have someone already at your new place when the movers get there. Or you need to make arrangements to store your stuff until you can get there, which can add costs to your move.

With a container move, you have a lot more flexibility. The moving company will have many more options for scheduling because they’re staying local. You can schedule your container pick up when it’s convenient for you. Once you schedule, you’ll have certain-day delivery.

Since freight trucks deliver things in bulk, the cost of transporting your stuff is cheaper, meaning a less expensive move overall.

What Happens to My Stuff Once It Leaves My House?

Once your belongings have been loaded into the containers, the containers are closed, banded and labeled. Your local mover brings the containers to their warehouse. From there, the containers get loaded onto a freight truck which has already-scheduled routes headed towards your new place.

The freight truck delivers your container to the moving company’s local warehouse. The local movers in your new city or town will deliver your containers on your schedule.

No one opens your containers until they’re delivered to your new home.

Who Should Use a Container Move?

Container moves are designed for smaller moves. One- and two-bedroom homes, condos or apartments are good candidates. People who are downsizing from a larger home may find a container move the perfect option.

Most smaller moves require 2-3 containers. Mayflower’s Snapmoves can include up to five containers, plus some bulky items, for a total of 6000 pounds.

If you have vacation plans or will be delayed in getting to your new home, the price of moving containers comes with 30 days of storage. If you are moving to a smaller place and need to store some of your items, storage costs for containers are cheaper than traditional storage options.

Want to find out more information on your moving options? Contact us  to see if container moving is the right choice for you.

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